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The Blog Planning Hub: Notion Template

The Blog Planning Hub: Notion Template

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Welcome to my brand new Blog Planning Hub, a Notion* template for ANY creative entrepreneur who wants to invest time into blogging for their business!

Say goodbye to storing all of your blog ideas in 5 different Google Docs, 10 different notes on your phone, and those 3 different journals from Target sitting on your desk that you randomly switch between - and HELLO to one place to store it allll: ideas, planning, publishing dates, tracking, & more!😍

Instead of spending 20+ hours creating your own Notion space that perfectly fits the way you work, I took care of it for you and built out a space where you can come to plan all of your blog content moving forward in JUST one place. No need to customize it or make changes unless you want to - it's all ready for you to use! 


In this template, you'll find:

  • A dashboard to house quick notes/ideas, navigation, & weekly/monthly calendar views
  • A master blog blank to store all of your blog ideas (with 5 different ways to view the table)
  • A complete step-by-step blogging workflow/checklist to make sure you don't forget any important steps
  • A blog post planning template that includes spaces for:
    • Topic ideas
    • Topic research
    • Competitor research
    • Keyword research
    • SEO prep
    • Copy
    • Promotion
    • Repurposing
    • Tracking performance metrics through Google Analytics, Google Search Console, & Hotjar
  • Ability to customize blog post progress/status & priority
  • Bonus tutorials on how to set up 3 free performance tracking tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, & Hotjar


*Notion is my personal favorite program that I use for so many things in my business, from taking notes during Zoom meetings to planning out my content to setting goals throughout the year. 10/10 recommend using it if you don't already - it's super user-friendly, has SO many capabilities, and is free to use unless you want special capabilities. Create a Notion account here!

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